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At Resumes Reimagined, we partner with you to communicate your story. Through an extensive interview and discussion process, we identify and create a narrative that highlights your value proposition and differentiates you in the marketplace.

We start by understanding your career goals so we can craft language that resonates with the target audience. Then, through a series of sessions, we explore the achievements that had the most significant impact or influence on your organization, enhancing a list of responsibilities with content that reflects your key successes. From there, we compose a summary statement that reflects your personal brand and distinct qualifications.

We use your resume as a foundation for creating companion pieces, including bios, Board bios, handbills, cover letters and, of course, LinkedIn content that attracts the attention of executive recruiters.

Our process not only creates compelling documents but helps refresh and focus you on the important messages and achievements you want to emphasize while networking and interviewing.